The Safest Hoses Available..!

PTFE, Teflon Hoses for High Pressure Applications, Rubber Hoses for LPG Unloading

PTFE, Teflon Hoses for High Pressure Applications, Rubber Hoses for LPG Unloading!!

Every Type of Hose....Only Safer!!!

High Pressure Teflon Hoses

LifeGuard Safety PTFE Safety Hoses are ideal for a wide range of compressed gas and industrial applications. PTFE is non-porous, chemically inert and requires zero maintenance. PTFE is an FDA approved material. All LifeGuard Safety Hoses are cleaned for oxygen use, have high temperature capabilities and our internal Monel cable which acts as a heat dissipater make PTFE an approved choice for medical or industrial oxygen filling.

Tefzel Hoses

Designed specifically for the ultra-hazardous applications of high pressure hydrogen gas transfer in tube trailers, facilities and cylinders. Whether you prefer metallic or Tefzel®, the LifeGuard hydrogen hose is the Safe-Choicetm. The inner hose, braid, armor casing cuffs, weld ring, and ends are all stainless steel. Each finished assembly is pneumatically tested to ensure it will withstand the application requirements.

Metallic Core Pigtails

Many applications require a metal “bellows” type hose which provides an all welded, flexible alternative to rigid pipe and tubing with zero permeation even at high pressures and cryogenic temperatures. A variety of alloys, safety features and options are available so that an assembly matching your precise needs can be provided. All hose assemblies are constructed with heavy-gauge end fittings.

LPG Hoses for Unloading and Filling

The Next Generation in LPG Unloading Hoses – Life Guard™ Safety Hoses are PESO Approved self-closing unloading hoses are used extensively in India and are mandated by the Department of Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization, particularly for Autogas Dispensing Station Usages.